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Jamilah Pitts

"Yoga and other forms of movement medicine, such as dance,

have healed me in unspeakable ways. 


When I became a yoga teacher in 2018, I had the idea in mind of holding space and creating opportunities that would allow others to heal, as I had, through the yoga practice. I have had the privilege to travel to nearly twenty countries and I have attended yoga retreats in Portugal, Bali and in Hawaii, and often, I was one of the only Black women in these spaces. I have experienced the healing benefits of yoga/wellness retreats and wish to share this offering with and for you. I have attended yoga retreats, one in Hawaii, the other in Bali and I know its healing benefits. This offering is a part of my divine call, my passion.


I curate transformational spaces of healing for women of color. 


I believe that rest and radical self care, particularly for Black women, are forms of resistance and reclamation. A part of my life’s work is to heal communities and society through deliberate wellness in communities of color, particular among Black women. When Black women are liberated, we all reap the benefits of her freedom. 


Through my retreats, I aim to create a space where women, particularly Black women, can rest deliberately, reclaim intentionally, and return to self in ways that will allow us to show up as our authentic, goddess selves. I know and have lived the truth that rest, wellness, boundary setting, and saying no are pathways to not only peace, but to power".

Are you ready to step more into your power!?

To learn more about my retreats, sign up using the link below. 

Meet your Yoga Instructor & Retreat Leader,

What You Can Expect

As an empath, introvert, yogi, foodie, and avid world traveler, my retreats offer deep rest, movement medicine and optional adventures or excursions. The goal of the retreat is for you to have the space to return to yourself.

  • Up to 4nights to one week in a beautiful, relaxing destination 

  • A sacred space curated for women of color 

  • Daily yoga: A flow class in the morning designed to wake up the body and a restorative practice in the evening designed to prepare the body for sweet rest 

  • Delicious meals 

  • Quiet, sacred time for yourself 

  • Depending on the destination, optional workshops or classes may include: journaling, manifestation workshops, cultural dance, cooking classes 

  • Adventures and excursions depending on the location (completely optional)


is a retreat right for me?

I have typically attended retreats when experiencing burnout, the need to get away to a beautiful place so that I can check in with self, or when I want a holistic feeling retreat experience or vacation - that someone else plans for me - in a beautiful place!

My yoga retreats may be good for you if:

  • If you are open to or love to travel

  • Have never tried yoga but you are interested in it or you practice yoga regularly 

  • you are curious about international travel or you have traveled all over the place 

  • You are open to meeting new people, but you are also okay stepping away to take whatever you need for yourself 

  • You are looking for a beautiful, sacred space with other women of color


Common Questions

  • How much are yoga retreats?
    Yoga retreats range in price depending on the location and length of the retreat. Retreats can range in price from $2,000 - $6,000.
  • What is included in the price?
    Your accommodations (solo or shared depending on your preference) An itinerary and curated experience for you Daily yoga practices Some meals Special events curated with you in mind, such as special dinners, trips, or experiences designed for the group
  • Are there payment plans?
    Absolutely. It is important to me that women of color are able to access these spaces. Every retreat that I have attended I have been on a payment plan. I see this as a deep investment into self.
  • Is airfare included?
    Airfare will not be included in the retreat fee
  • Will I have to share a room?
    Generally speaking, not unless you prefer to, in which case, a roommate will be matched with you based on your application.
  • What are the Covid restrictions?
    For travel during the Covid - 19 pandemic, I will ask for all attendees to show proof of vaccination. I will also regularly share and include adherences to country - specific Covid guidelines
  • What if I have never tried yoga?
    That’s okay! Each yoga practice includes modifications.
  • What is the cancellation and/or refund policy?
    Because this may vary depending on the retreat and location, you will receive notices for both within your retreat application.
  • What will I need to prepare in advance?
    A passport Proof of Covid or country - specific required vaccinations You will also be asked to complete a liability waiver and photo release form
  • Can I reach out to you if I have other questions about the retreat?
    Absolutely! Write to me at and I am happy to support you.
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come away with me

I want to support you in your deeper commitment to you. Sign up below to receive information and updates!

Customized Wellness Retreats

Interested in a customized wellness retreat for your team, organization or school community?

Please fill out the form linked below and I will reach out to you directly on how to best serve you. 


Thank you for your interest. 

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