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Cover illustration piece titled “Move” by Lori Saint Rome of Lorintheory, 2022. All rights

toward liberation

An essential guide for frontline educators to address systemic racial oppression, repair harm, and foster safe, liberatory learning spaces for their students

For educators and readers of Bettina Love’s We Want to Do More Than Survive, with a foreword by Leigh Patel, author of No Study Without Struggle

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This book is a love letter to truth-telling, justice, and healing.

- Bettina L. Love, author of Punished for Dreaming and We Want to Do More Than Survive

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Creating classrooms for


Toward Liberation is the timely and practical guide that pioneers new pathways for educators to repair harm and foster transformative learning spaces. This road map for liberatory pedagogy is replete with resources, tools, and strategies drawn from Jamilah Pitts's experiences as a young Black girl, a Black student, a teacher, a former school leader, and a consultant with schools across the country.

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Real-world issues,

real-world solutions...

In Toward Liberation, readers will find:

● Real-life examples and student writing from Pitts’s classroom
● Explorative questions for teachers to consider in their equity work
● Constructive charts that map out manifestations of harm
● Activities to engage students in liberatory learning
● Healing and self-care strategies for teachers—particularly Black women educators


Pitts infuses her writing with an extensive knowledge base of the education system, honed over years as a teacher, a coach, a dean, an assistant principal, and a national education consultant. The tenets of this book—rooted in truthtelling, activism, healing, wellness, self-care, and, ultimately, love— both inform and are inspired by the healing work Pitts does with educators to this day. In doing this work, she helps to reimagine the role of the critical teacher.

Toward Liberation equips teachers with the tools they need to carve a path toward liberatory educational practices, ensuring that students are afforded the full range of their humanity and their experience, in and out of the classroom.

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Jamilah has created a pathway for educators to begin our healing journey while transforming curriculum, teaching, and the lives of the children and communities we serve.
Read this book to understand what it means to be a truth-teller working for liberation. Read this book to be reminded of being a truth-seeker whose praxis is rooted in love.

- Sonja Cherry-Paul, adapter of Stamped (For Kids): Racism, Antiracism, and You

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be a truth-teller

Toward Liberation is available in print and ebook formats wherever you buy your books. Please consider supporting your local or Black-owned bookstore.

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